New this year - a sitting Santa Claus for your sleigh. 2015 pricing at $700 plus shipping.

Not waterproof.

To Order (Time Is Running Out)

If you don’t like the final product you are under no obligation to purchase the sleigh. As in our “no deposit” policy, we’re confident you’ll love our sleigh. We’re also confident that we will quickly be able to find another buyer if for whatever reason you do not want the sleigh.

No Deposit Required

We search throughout the country for old barn relics that haven’t seen the light of day in decades. Once acquired, we begin the restoration process. All Metal braces are separated to have any rust removed. All wood is inspected for structural integrity. More often than not, some replacement is necessary. We only replace what we must, to stay true to the antique quality of the sleigh. Consequently, their days of “dashing through the snow” are now past them. Taking into consideration wood and metal fatigue, there’s no way of predicting how much stress a 100 year old sleigh can handle.

Our goal is to create a beautiful antique “ornamental sleigh” for you to be proud of for many years to come. There is never any fiberglass or plastic used in our restorations.

Custom Color, Theme And Use 

The only thing that could improve your high tech Christmas display is a Santa sleigh direct from the 19th century!

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Unless your sleigh requires custom colors or theme, there is no deposit required! We trust that you wouldn’t place an order that you aren’t serious about. We only ask that you take delivery as promised and pay in full upon delivery. We have this policy because we’re confident in our product and know that we will easily be able to re-sell the sleigh to another buyer.

We’ll be able to restore 15-20 sleighs in the remaining time this year. Get on our schedule to be able to include your antique sleigh in this years display.

Call now to discuss what you’d like in a sleigh. We will provide pictures of our stock of unrestored sleighs. You can then choose the sleigh that best fits your needs. We’ll then agree on a price and begin the restoration process.

100% Happiness Guarantee

Often the sleigh can be modified to suit a particular need. One customer wanted to use the sleigh as a Santa throne. Consequently, it required sufficient leg room for children to come and go, the the strength to support constant climbing in and out.

Of course, the sleigh can be finished in any color or theme. We’ve finished sleighs to match barn colors, or corporate logos. We’ve supplied sleighs for indoor display where the fabric matches the home’s drapery. We’ve supplied sleighs where the body is stained in the wood tone selected by the buyer. That particular buyer was a home garden center. They decorate the sleigh in the current holiday theme, whether it be Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas. We are suppliers to the world’s largest Christmas store in Michigan. We’ve been told they sold one of our sleighs to a Hollywood studio.

The Only Thing Missing

Outdoor Use

Our mission at Christmas Past Sleigh Company is to take sleighs that are over 100 years old and restore them to their original glory. In the process, we take some liberties, because deep down, every sleigh wants to be Santa’s sleigh.

Our sleighs are intended to be used seasonally outdoors. The fabric used is a light canvas as used on patio furniture. With proper handling, you will get many useful years from your sleigh. We supply a small quantity of touch up paint with every purchase, and also identify the source and description of the paint from a national supplier.